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What Makes Toothpaste Important?

Twice each day, we brush our teeth with a substance that does more than just freshen our breath. Toothpaste is full of important ingredients that work to protect our teeth and gums.

But what does each ingredient actually do? We break down the top toothpaste ingredients below.

Fluoride: Fluoride helps to fight cavities while working to strengthen enamel. You may see sodium fluoride or stannous fluoride in your toothpaste at home, or none at all.
Potassium nitrate: Have sensitive teeth? You’ll want to choose a toothpaste that uses this ingredient. Potassium nitrate can help reduce tooth sensitivity.
Zinc citrate: Added to help fight plaque, some toothpastes include zinc citrate.
Calcium carbonate: Many pastes include an “abrasive” ingredient to help remove stains and clean teeth, with calcium carbonate being one of the most common.
Hydrogen peroxide: This household staple has many uses—and one may be in your toothpaste. Hydrogen peroxide can help reduce the appearance of tooth stains.

3 Ways to Improve Your Mental Health Now

In today’s world, a great deal of emphasis is placed on keeping our bodies healthy and active—and for good reason. A healthy body often means a healthy life… but there’s one other thing that shouldn’t be left out of the mix: Your mind!

Just as we eat well and exercise to stay in peak performance mode, our mental health needs special attention to thrive.

Want to improve your mental health? Give these easy-to-implement ideas a try.

1. Express your appreciation toward others. This can lead to building healthy relationships.
2. Limit your time spent on social media. You can even set alarms and change your phone settings to make sure you stick to your self-imposed limits.
3. While it’s important to put others first, don’t do so at the expense of your own well-being. Secure yourself first before doing the same for others.

All About Baby Teeth

While we only have them for a short amount of time, baby teeth play an incredibly important role in our overall oral health for years after we’ve lost them. Here are a few reasons they’re so important!

• Without baby teeth, it would be hard for children to learn to speak properly.
• When baby teeth erupt, they act as placeholders for older adult teeth that will come in later in life. Without them, we might see much more overcrowding.
• Because baby teeth help facilitate healthy chewing, they actually strengthen jaw and facial muscles early on.

Have a child who is teething? Schedule a visit with our practice if we haven’t seen them for a checkup yet to make sure everything is erupting wonderfully. We can’t wait to see them (and you) in the practice soon.

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