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Restorative Dentistry

Our ability to smile, laugh and chew confidently can be compromised if we have missing, crooked or worn-down teeth. We offer many restorative dentistry options to help you regain that confident and beautiful smile.


Tooth-shaped “caps” or “helmets” that cover teeth, crowns protect and restore teeth. We recommend crowns following root canal treatment or if there is significant decay present. Without a crown, the tooth would fracture from everyday use. Dental crowns restore both the shape and function of broken, worn-down, decayed or broken teeth.


Bridges are a traditional, tried-and-true method of replacing missing teeth. Like a bridge that spans across a river, dental bridges support a restoration in the place of a missing tooth. The two teeth on either side suspend an artificial “tooth” between them.


If you’re looking for a long-lasting way to replace one or more missing teeth, a dental implant is an excellent solution. Also considered artificial tooth roots, implants support the “crown” part of the tooth that’s visible when you smile. Whether you want to replace one tooth or all of your teeth at one time, we can help restore your smile.


A denture is a removable prosthesis that replaces missing teeth. We provide both full dentures, which cover the span of your entire arch, and partial dentures that are used if you still have healthy teeth. These dentures snap into place around your teeth that are healthy.


While nobody likes to hear that they have a cavity, we can address small and medium-sized cavities easily with fillings. The process is straightforward. We clean out the decay and fill in the hole with a small filling.

While silver amalgam has long been used as the material of choice for fillings, composite (a type of plastic) ones have replaced metal fillings. Composite fillings don’t have the potential health risks that amalgam ones do.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Do you have multiple dental issues that need to be addressed? We offer full mouth reconstructions. When it comes to restoring multiple teeth that are damaged, missing or diseased, numerous factors need to be considered. Each tooth in your smile affects the ones around it, as well as the surrounding soft tissue and bony structures.

For those patients who have extensive rehabilitation needs, we can perform treatments in stages.


If your teeth are stained, crooked or chipped, dental veneers can transform your smile.

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